Meet Leeah, an up-and-coming photographer who has a passion for capturing the beauty of the world around her through her camera lens. With almost a decade of photography experience, Leeah has honed her craft to produce stunning landscapes, portraits, still life, and commercial photos
Growing up, Leeah always had a creative streak, experimenting with various art forms, including drawing and music. However, it wasn't until she traveled to Europe and discovered the beautiful architecture and culture that inspired her to buy her first camera. She began taking photos of everything she found interesting, from the majestic French countryside to the elaborate details of household plants.
It wasn't until a year ago that Leeah decided to turn her passion into a profession and created Melted Feather Media.  She began accepting photography gigs, taking on various projects ranging from commercial to portrait photography. Her skills and dedication quickly gained her a reputation for producing high-quality work that captured the essence of the subjects in her photos.
Today, Leeah continues to pursue her photography career, always pushing herself to improve and expand her skills. She spends her free time exploring new locations and experimenting with different styles, always seeking to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the world around her. 
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